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LittleHerbie designs web sites with a single goal in mind: to create a superior user experience. LittleHerbie's web sites are designed with an emphasis on information architecture; and implement an effective graphical navigational scheme to achieve that goal. LittleHerbie believes that effective navigation through useful web content satisfies the user. And, a satisfied web site user makes a better customer.

Let us work with you on your web site to create some more satisfied customers. Both Design and Consulting services are available.

Better. By Design.

LittleHerbie is currently designing and building a web site for P&A Silks. Peter and Cynthia White, the owners of P&A Silks, make the finest silks and silk products for magicians. To take a look at this site, follow this link to the P&A Silks home page.

LittleHerbie is designing a web site for the Utica-Rome, NY Ring 101 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. To take a look at this site, follow this link to the IBM Ring 101 home page.

The next web project for LittleHerbie will be a site for RTD Manufacturing.

For further information, contact Herb at herb@littleherbie.com.

Who is LittleHerbie? LittleHerbie is the boyhood nickname of the proprietor of LittleHerbie Web Design & Consulting. Herb grew up with his parents, Herb (Jr.) and Evelyn, and within two miles of his grandfather, Herb (Sr.). To distinguish between all the Herbs in her life, Herb the Third's mother called him "Little Herbie."

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